3D Hearts Deluxe

7.3 for

Extravagant hearts card game.

Play Hearts with dozens of colorful computer opponents or online against real people from around the globe. 3D Hearts Deluxe makes it as simple as a few clicks of the mouse! With novice and advanced skill settings, support for all the most popular variations, and built-in rules to help you learn (or re-learn) the games, you'll be a card shark in no time. Location is key... Pick your favorite setting, from the deck of a yacht, to a scary haunted house! Pick your partner... How about an a monkey? An alien? Sue the archeologist? or MiniQueen herself? You're sure to find a new friend in this crowd!
Release Notes Version 7.3 adds a slew of new features are bot auto-substitution during network play when a player drops; speech synthesis; support for XML-based puppets, which are up to 50% smaller at the same quality compared to the previous versions; numerous usability enhancements, reduced CPU and resource usage; and new game rules options for Spades and Hearts.