3D Sokoban

3.0 for

Maze game with blind map.

3D Sokoban is a new implementation of old game with just one big difference; you do not control player looking on maze from top any more, because you ARE the player. You are walking inside mazes and moving boxes to correct locations by yourself. You have a map but you cannot see where you are on it. And there is nobody up there who can tell you where to go or which box to push.
Release Notes Version 3.0 adds the following:
  • No map window. Two game modes instead - Play level and Observe level;
  • Adjustable camera speed for game mode switch;
  • Adjustable zoom (camera position) for Observe level mode;
  • Updated textures;
  • Unlimited undo and redo;
  • Improved Level Collection window (level captions, current level is hilighted);
  • Menu item for on-line software update;
  • No duplication of "Quit" and "Preferences" menu items in MacOS X;
  • Help.