Absolute Farkle

4.5 for

Addictive dice game.

Absolute Farkle is a very addictive dice game that can be played with the whole family. In this version you play against a computer opponent just waiting to give you a run for your money. Or you can play with someone else on the same computer.

You can play games using just your voice!

After you learn how to play, you can teach the whole family. All you need is a set of 6 dice.

Works with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard without Rosetta.

Release Notes Version 4.5:
  • Made many changes for the game to work correctly with High Sierra
  • Added ability to use a picture as the backdrop. It will be loaded/used the next time you start up the game. To use a picture, start the game program then drag and drop it over the game. JPG, JPEG, and PNG extension can be used.
  • Updated text information to be current
  • The password scheme was changed. If you already have a registered version, this one will require a new password. Do not replace your previous version until you are sure you want to upgrade. If you purchased in the last 2 years I will give a new activation code for free.