Age of Empires II

1.0.5 for

Fixes crashing and other bugs.

Age of Empires II 1.05 Updater adds the following:

New Features

  • Added a confirmation dialog for the Command-Q keystroke. This prevents inadvertent quitting of a game.
  • Added Pause mode (Cmd-P) which pauses the game and allows you to switch to other running applications.
  • Under OSX, you can now choose to run the game in 256-color mode. Previously, Thousands of Colors was automatically used. The difference between the two settings is subtle. The game can only display 256 colors, regardless of your monitor settings.

Bug Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed several potential crashes related to sceen rendering.
  • Fixed text font color probelms in several screens.
  • All screen shots are now saved in the "Screenshots" folder.
  • Screen shots are now created with proper file type and creator for OSX.
  • Under OSX, if you hosted a multiplayer game, your name might have appeared twice as a player.
  • Fixed a Jaguar problem on multiple monitor systems where the game would run but the graphics would not be displayed. If you have this problem, you may need to reselect your preferred monitor in the Age of Empires II setup window. Press the Command key when launching the game to display this dialog.
  • Under OSX, actions that can cause another running application to come to the front (such as the Software Update control panel) no longer causes problems for Age of Empires II. When this happens, the game is automatically paused. To resume playing, press the Resume button in the Pause dialog.
  • The In-Game Cursor has now been re-enabled under OSX. When on, a large cursor is displayed while playing the game. This cursor changes as you move the pointer over units and buildings. Press the Command key when launching the game to display the dialog for changing this setting.
  • Eliminated double fade up when game launches under OSX.
  • Completed tasks are now crossed off the task list.
  • Sync warnings no longer appear in recorded game play back.
Release Notes
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