Aspyr Game Agent

1.8.2v97246 for

Assess your Mac's compatible with Aspyr's games.

Aspyr Game Agent is no longer supported. Users are encouraged to compare their Mac's hardware with the system requirements of Aspyr's titles using Mac Match.

Aspyr Game Agent is the utility that allows users to easily match their computer hardware with the system requirements of Aspyr's titles. Users will be able to quickly identify which games will run on their current system and determine necessary system upgrades for any other Aspyr games of their choosing. Game Agent is an OS X application that automatically checks the user's Mac configuration- including OS version, RAM size, video card, and processor speed- and then, game by game, tells the user if the game will run well, will run or will not run on their system. It then gives a summary of hardware or software updates necessary for those games that will not run. Game Agent also automatically updates its list of Aspyr's games and their system requirements, making it easy to access current, personalized gaming information.

Release Notes Version 1.8.2v97246:
  • This update includes a fix to the crash that Safari 5 introduced in addition to updated product listings and pricing.