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1st person shoot `em up.

3D 1st person/3rd person shooter, Awnee...

Year 1 after Rayman - planet Earth is dead, killed by the POCs, the PrideOfCreation. The last war, was the war between what was and what has to be.

The new world order has finished. Nanobots rule the world, developed by MaximalMore. People now live in slavery, based on violence, sex, entertainment.

Awnee was designed to fight back...Mission order: teleport in to Extropia, nuke out all nanobots, shut down the Extropian system, reinstall the pre - war - order its a dead ends game, but who cares.

Made with dim3b10d3.

Release Notes
Special Notes G4 1.2 GHz or faster with 512 MB RAM and 32MB VRAM, Mac OS X 10.4 or later