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Create colorful 2D square structures.

BabelBloX is actually several games in one. The free trial lets you play the "X Free" game. With a license, you can pick among several games from the BabelBloX menu. BabelBloX is an original game concept, not a clone of an 80's arcade game. Included with BabelBloX are the following game worlds:

  • Classic BabelBloX: Start with a three color grid, and work up to progressively more challenging levels.
  • Big Ben: Based on Classic BabelBloX, this game adds the challenge of a race against the clock for each level.
  • Bubbles: BloX are morphed into clear Delay BloX when you destroy a cluster. The delay BloX survive until you destroy another cluster, and then they "pop" out of existence.
  • Shockwave: A relaxing visual treat. This game is sorta like doodling -- you can play it while talking on the phone (don't play it while driving!)
  • Gravity Pong: Gravity changes directions each move.
  • Gravity Delay Pong: Delay BloX add to the challenge of this game.
Release Notes Version 3.1.2:
  • This release improves stability and performance on High Sierra