Bag Of Unusual Strategy Games

1.3 for

Five unusual chess-like games.

Bag Of Unusual Strategy Gamesis a collection of games you won't find elsewhere. All are two-person games played on a chessboard. You can play against your Mac or against other human players, even over net. It includes:
  • Eight games: Suicide Chess (two variants), Alapo, Twelve Pawns, Knight Trail, Los Alamos Chess, Dunsany's Chess, Grab The Corner.
  • Play against other people locally.
  • Play over net, chat with your opponent. Supports Rendezvous.
  • Play against the Mac in different strengths.
  • Optional highlighting of legal moves.
  • Unlimited undo/redo.
  • Different graphics for board and pieces to choose from.
  • Digitized real boards
  • Games feature random setup for increased variety.
  • Save and reopen games.
  • Native MacOS X using typical elements like drawer, toolbar and sheets.
  • Localized for english and german.
  • ... and many more.
Release Notes Version 1.3 adds the following:
  • New Game: Dunsany's Chess
  • New game: Grab The Corner
  • Saving/Opening games (opening only for registered users)
  • Again 20% speed increase for finding moves
  • Fixed bug on very easy level (no move was found)