Barman Hero

2.0 for

Classic arcade game in which the player runs a bar.

Barman Hero is fast, fun and insanely addictive. Once you press Start you can't stop playing!.

Enjoy a classic arcade gameplay on your Mac.

Help our hero to serve customers entering the place. Fill the mugs and slide drinks over the bar but watch out, make sure there is someone to pick them up!. Collect all empty mugs before they fall down the end of the bar and get tips from your satisfied clients.

NOTE: Default control keys are: O: Left, P: Right, Q: Up, A: Down, SPC: Launch & H: Pause


  • Fast, simple and addictive gameplay
  • More than 20 stages across four scenarios
  • Bonus stage between scenarios. Find the right can to get extra points
  • Fullscreen support
  • Redefinable keyboard controls

Release Notes Version 2.0:
  • Completely rewritten using latest Apple development tools.
  • MFI Gamepad support
  • Full screen aspect ratio fixed.
  • Bug fixes