Bee Farm

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Unique combo of time management and line drawing game.

Bee Farm...Spring is here and your bees are ready to get to work. Draw a route around the garden, guiding the bees to the flowers so they can collect their pollen and return it to their hives. The flight of the bumblebees is a precarious one, with carnivorous plants, tornados and wasps out to get your pollen, and be careful not to bump heads with the other buzzing, busy bees or they'll both lose their cargo! Combines the best of the line drawing and time management worlds, offering a game that's as fast and furious as it is fun and addictive.


  • Easy to pick up, difficult to master
  • Over 30 pollen-packed levels
  • Masterfully combines line-drawing and time management gameplay
  • Five different types of bees to manage
  • Fast, accessible fun for all the family
  • New levels delivered through free updates
  • Two modes of play: Challenge and Survival
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