Bingo Caller Pro 90

2.0.1 for

Pro-level tool for a 90-number Bingo party.

Bingo Caller Pro 90 is a full-featured 90-number bingo caller, appropriate for private or group use.

  • A large, easy-to-read Flash Board displays which numbers have been called.
  • Automatic, Manual, and Click modes are provided.
  • The user can choose to call numbers or to have them called by the computer.
  • Nine winning patterns (Any One Line, Any Two Lines, Three Lines, Line One, Line Two, Line Three, Lines One and Two, Lines One and Three, and Lines Two and Three) are provided.
  • Wild Number, Speedy, Bonanza, Zippy, Computer Call Back of Called or Uncalled Numbers, Billboard, Last Number, Next Number, and other features are provided.
  • The user can print an endless supply of unique and numbered bingo strips, each with six tickets.
  • User settings are saved between sessions.

After launch, Bingo Caller Pro 90 grows to fill the display, 800 x 600 or larger. Bingo Caller Pro 90 is $20 shareware and may be used for ten minutes after each launch without registration.

Release Notes Version 2.0.1:
  • Fixed a problem when using Catalina (OS 10.15)