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A computer hacker exposes corrupt organizations.

Introducing Ronja, code name BlackRose: A computer hacker with a penchant for exposing unscrupulous organisations for what they really are. But Ronja gets more than she bargains for when she sets her sights on the notoriously secretive Osiris corporation. The further she digs, the murkier things become...learn the clandestine secrets of Ronja's past in this retro 1st person shooter.


  • Action-packed gameplay requiring a combination of stealth and brute force;
  • Cunning enemy AI;
  • The ability to dodge enemy bullets with acrobatic manoeuvres;
  • Levels that incorporate artwork from real-world artists (featured artist Steph Aracil - www.fannyaracil.com/);
  • Intense electronic sound track;
  • Hidden objects in every level including a ridable sports bike, performance-boosting adrenaline capsules and body armour just to name a few...

"A unique, fun action game" - mac.softpedia.com

NOTE: Video demo available here

Release Notes Version 1.0.4:

Please Note: The commercial version of this application is at 1.0.3 and is available through the Mac App Store via the 'Buy' link above. The demo version -- available through the 'Download Now' link -- is at 1.0.4.

  • "Buy Now" button now links you back to the Mac App Store
  • Sandboxing enabled