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Kill the Blobs before they take over your screen.

Blobs is a puzzle game where you destroy the Blobs before they take over your screen. The object is rather simple, but the game can be quite challenging; especially in the later levels. You get many bonuses to help you destroy the blobs along the way. Like bombs to blow up blobs, and needles to change the color of a group of blobs. Okay, but how do you actually destroy the blobs? Well you have to join up blobs of the same color until all the blobs in a group is touching as many blobs as it can.
Release Notes Version 4.0 : The new version of Blobs is a complete remake of the older versions to bring it into Mac OS X. The improvements are really too many to list here, but the two biggest ones you'll notice at once are the vastly improved graphics and the new Contine feature that allows you to quit the game and later come back and continue where you left off earlier.