Brickles Pro

2.0.3 for

Brickles paddle block-breaking game.

Brickles Pro is not a typical ball and paddle game. Brickles Pro features adjustable colors, adjustable ball and paddle sizes, stereo sounds, adjustable speed and window sizes, and more. Even the number of paddles in the game can be changed.

Brickles Pro is suitable for everyone from the very youngest children first learning to use a mouse, to fast-paced arcade fans, from grandparents to grandchildren.

Brickles Pro allows the user to chose from among various built-in Brickle array designs. Brickles Pro will then use the chosen design for every level of the game, if desired. A random mode may also be chosen to allow each level of the game to use a randomly selected Brickle design array. Brickles Pro thus includes many Brickles games in one.

Brickles Pro now supports the new Brickles Pro Online Hall of Fame Web page. Every time you get a new high score, you can send that high score to the Online Brickles Pro Hall of Fame Web page. Compare your score to the scores of your friends, schoolmates, family members, and others from around the world. Everyone is a winner. There are various Scoreboards associated with each of the many possible Brickles Pro configurations. Brickles Pro now even Tweets special High Scores!

Release Notes Version 2.0.3:
  • The major change in this version is the addition of code signing to improve the compatibility with Apple's new OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.