Bub & Bob X

1.5 for

Bubble & Bobble arcade game.

Bub & Bob X is a clone of the classic arcade game Bubble Bobble. You control a cute bubble blowing dragon. In each level, you must use bubbles to defeat the enemies and earn points, bonuses or special abilities. You can play solo or with a friend, submit your best score to the Top 100 online and create levels.

Bub & Bob X is shareware — you can play the first 8 levels only. If you wish to play all the levels and enable all the features, you must purchase a registration code.

Release Notes Version 1.5:
  • Rewrote the whole game using Objective C and Cocoa
  • 32 bit and 64 bit version
  • Musix remixed
  • New backgrounds in many levels
  • Drunk enemy will now also shoot to the right
  • Made gameplay closer to the original:
  • Enemies jump slightly higher
  • Bubbles move away when touched by the player
  • Player now dies when touching enemies on startup of a level
  • New settings dialog
  • New registration dialog