1.2 for

Calculator widget.

Calculon is a handy calculator widget that runs under Dashboard in Mac OS X Tiger. It includes a 2 line display that lets you see what you're entering to be calculated, and features a choice of 10 different face colors. It also supports extended calculations, including the use of parentheses, such as:(3+3)*3=18

Release Notes Version 1.2:
  • added the ability to paste from the clipboard
  • added the ability to delete the last character by pressing the "delete" key or left arrow key
  • pressing the "c" or capital "C" key now resets the calculator (in addition to the "clear" key) - mainly added this for PowerBook users, since there's no dedicated "clear" key like on full size keyboards
  • fixed a bug that was causing characters to be entered twice for PowerBook users using the "fn" key and the pseudo-number pad (keys M,J,K,L,U,I,O, etc.)
  • added some checks to prevent users from entering "=" more than once
  • typing a number after a calculation has been made now resets the calculator and starts a new calculation (previously, it had a bug where the number would be appended to the end of the old answer)