2.0.6 for

Widget for finding people/companies in Canada.

Canada411 Gives you the opportunity to search for companies by name or category as well as for people by name, phone number or address, and this, everywhere in Canada. All is cleverly integrated into only one widget.
  • See bigger: A quick call? Click on any phone number and it'll appear in bigger size.
  • Your workspace is important: Canada411 widget has an useful feature, being tiny! In fact, a little "-" button shrivels the widget so you can always keep it handy without wasting your space.
  • Hello, Bonjour: Canada411 widget speaks both official languages - French and English.
  • Save your precious researches: Canada411 widget gives the opportunity to add a company or a person to your Apple Address Book.
  • Get to know where it is: Pinpoint every person and every company using Google and YellowPages.
  • Click + Copy: Click any information and copy it into clipboard.
  • Preferences: Set your favourite search type (yellow or white), your default province or default city on the back of the widget and optimize your researches.
  • Eye-candy: Canada411 widget is improved by Script.aculo.us' effects, entirely coded in xHTML, CSS and JavaScript and created in the same spirit of Mac OS X.
Release Notes Version 4.0.6: "Find a person" again available.