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Game of carom billiards.

Carambola is a fun, simple, and easy to learn computer simulation game of the classical Three Balls Billiards, also called French Billiards or Carom Billiards. The game's goal is to use one ball to hit the other two in a single shot, this is called "carambola" in spanish. In a multiplayer game, you keep shooting as long as you make a carambola, and the winner is the one with the most carambolas accumulated.

Your knowledge and perception of real world physics are at test here. Try to predict the collision and bounce path before you shoot in order to make a carambola. You can select different game options such as the table cloth color, the table quality (cushions and cloth friction), for beginners there is a shot helper, and for experts the diamond guides and the three cushions scoring mode. There are several other options for you to discover, including an Online Game Mode to play remotely against other players.

Release Notes Version 10.5:
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