Chopper Master

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Fly your chopper through dangerous terrain.

Chopper Master allows you to feel the exhilarating flight through deadly rocks.


Fly your chopper through dangerous terrain and sustain the odds to survive. Feel the real life thrills of Chopper cruising through surprise paths in the hazardous tunnel with unexpected obstacles.

Chopper Master is not just another Flight game, the deadly obstacles and power-ups gives this game an unlimited gameplay and a great challenge. Take this flight challenge and try to go the farthest distance without crashing.


Collect coins and Treasure boxes for bonus points and increase your life by collecting Fuel Cans. Ensure not to collide with the walls, obstacles or bombs as it may cost a life. Make it through the rocks, obstacles and surprise paths, without crashing your Chopper.


  • Chopper Acceleration - Constant Speed
  • Challenging obstacles - Various
  • Very challenging gameplay
  • Rewarding bonus items all through the cruise
  • Unlimited gameplay
Release Notes