Christmas Lights

2.1 for

Christmas lights widget.

Christmas Lights widget brings the spirit of Christmas to your dashboard.

Any home or office would benefit from the added Christmas cheer that these twinkling lights emit. Whether they're blinking, twinkling, or chasing, they are sure to brighten up your workspace and the hearts of those around you this holiday season.

Release Notes Version 2.1:
  • Moved lightsets to Application Support to prevent future versions from overwriting them*
  • Support for hanging mode - lightsets may be displayed around screen border or hanging from the top of the screen.
  • Widget now automatically positions itself when launched
  • Better resizing algorithm fits tightly to the screen edges
  • Close button has been moved to a more accessible location
  • Optimized for greater efficiency
*Please note that (due to a programming oversight on my part, for which I apologize) installing this version will overwrite any custom lightsets you have previously installed. If you downloaded the lightsets from this page, please simply do so again. However, if you have any lightsets that you did not obtain from interdimension media, please back them up before installing the new version. To do so, browse to ~/Library/Widgets, CTRL-click on Christmas Lights, and select "Show Package Contents." Copy them from the Lightsets directory and reinstall them after installing version 2.1. Sorry for the inconvenience.