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Spooky adventure from legendary game designer Graeme Devine.

Clandestiny...Defeat the Beast Within, end the curse, and fulfill the prophecy before it's too late... if you dare!

Join Andrew and Paula on this spooky adventure as you experience the castle's eerie rooms and hidden passageways, and encounter the angst-ridden ghosts of the family MacPhiles. Solve "wee" rascally riddles and persnickety puzzles to learn the fate of this dimwitted clan!

From Graeme Devine the co-creator of 7th Guest and the 11th Hour, lead designer on Quake 3 and Halo Wars comes this clever composite of 3D graphics and lively animation.

Three levels of difficulty pose a challenge to novices and experienced gamers alike. And the enchanting story by renowned author Jahanna N. Malcolm makes the journey worth the taking.


  • 40 minutes of animation!
  • over 30 mind bending puzzles!
  • adventure at every corner, peril at every turn!
Release Notes Version 1.02:
  • Click on wagging hand icon then moving to valid move no longer results in a clickthrough.
  • New experimental puzzle mode allows you to play all the puzzles in Clandestiny without hunting through the castle! This mode is still experimental!