3.1.0 for

Action puzzle game set in a system of caves.

In Coblyn you explore a cave system in search of diamonds. When you've collected enough the exit will be unlocked, giving you the chance to escape with your treasure... if you can reach it in time! Along the way you'll need to set off avalanches, dig traps for deadly creatures, and tunnel through unstable piles of boulders.

Coblyn comes with 100 levels built-in, and another 200 are available in the Classic Level Pack. Coblyn also supports the standard BDCFF level pack format.

The controls for the game are listed in the Help screen. To get an idea of how to play Coblyn, wait at the main title screen and it will cycle through a set of demo games.

Release Notes Version 3.1.0:
  • Improved the appearance of the boulder (roughened), the diamond (transparency and random sparkles), and the butterfly.
  • The Start screen now allows the cave and level to be set by pressing the appropriate letter key (for the cave) or number key (for the level).
  • Bonus caves now become selectable on the Start screen once the preceding cave has been completed at all difficulty levels. For example, bonus cave Q appears after D-1 through D-5 have been completed.
  • Improved support for BDCFF level packs.
  • Lots of small improvements and fixes.