Cricket 3D

8.0 for

Play Cricket on your Mac.

Cricket 3D has arrived and now you can select the level of difficulty for each game from an amateur setting right up to the very highest International level. As you play more games and improve your batting and bowling skills, see if you can reach the Professional standard where balls will be coming towards you at over 90 mph!

All of the on screen displays have been improved and there is now a stunning Oval window (how appropriate!) for viewing the field settings and making sure the fielders are best placed to cut off the batsman's favourite shots. And with the new full screen display you are totally immersed in the action throughout the game.

Don't forget that in addition to playing Test Match and Limited Over games against all the latest players from around the world, Cricket 3d also includes a complete set of 8 Classic Games where you can play the last innings of a legendary game that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. Choose to bat and chase a run total, or bowl to win - stunning games from the archives with Test Match, ODI or Twenty20 action. All games have full descriptions to understand the background to the game plus scorecards and details of the actual result.

The full version 7 of Cricket has all your favourite 3d action including-

  • Impressive batting and bowling graphics
  • Full range of international teams with the latest players
  • Quick set options for defensive, attacking or normal fields
  • Intelligent fielders watching your own play and moving to cut down the runs from your favourite shots
  • Tracker replay to see the flight and turn of each ball
  • Run-rate (worm) graph to show the progress of each side during Limited Overs games
  • Bowling changes enforced in Limited Over games
  • A full set of Classic games from the archives (remember Edgbaston 2005?)
  • Full range of statistics and the latest scorecard and game summary
  • Mouse or WiiMote control for 1 or 2 players
The game remains unique to the Mac and requires OS X 10.5 or later For more details of the new game, visit the Cricket Web site at http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/maccricket/
Release Notes Version 8.0:
  • One of the most requested features is now included -- hitting a six! As always, you need to pick the right ball and get the timing right for those lofted shots but when you connect, the ball will sail over the boundary. In addition, you can now cut and glance the ball behind square on either side of the wicket and watch the runs accumulate on the wagon wheel display. The new version means the tussle between bat and ball is even sharper and more realistic than ever before.