Cross Eyes

1.2 for

Colored dot puzzle.

Cross Eyes consists of a grid populated with colorful dots. Neighboring dots of matching color make angry stares --that is, "cross eyes"-- at one another. The player must separate all such neighbors, sliding rows or columns of dots at a time, until no cross eyes remain.

The player may increase the difficulty of the challenge by reducing the types of dots available, or by increasing the size of the game board, or both.


  • Four difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Really Hard, and Impossible
  • Four board sizes.
  • Column locking: Take too long and you'll slowly lose the ability to move dots vertically.
  • The Cross Eyes Counter, which indicates how many pairs of cross-eye neighbors remain.

Release Notes Version 1.2:
  • Universal. Runs natively on PowerPC- and Intel-based Macs.
  • New feature: Timed column locking.
  • New feature: Color changing.
  • Automatic update checking option.
  • Minor interface changes.
  • Free upgrade. (No activation required.)