2.0.2 for

Word search puzzle game.

DaisyWords is a new Word Search puzzle game for all ages! The game features a flexible levels system that progresses at your own pace. The harder levels are fun and challenging for most ages while the easier levels are suitable even for young children. Each level takes only a short time, so progress is steady and rewarding. The object of the game is to save the daisies that have become infected with letters. Link the letters to create the required words. Once all the letters have been used up, the daisies are ready for picking! It takes only a few moments to pick up the game rules so there's no need to read instructions, just start playing!
Release Notes Version 2.0.2:
  • Almost completely rewritten in a shiny new framework.
  • Changed most of the graphics and sounds used in the game.
  • Uses OpenGL for fast, smooth graphical effects.
  • CPU usage is now closer to zero on most systems.