Dark Athena

1.1.0 for

First-person shooter with stealth and melee combat.

Dark Athena (was The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena) casts you as Riddick, the most ruthless criminal in the universe. In this latest Atari chronicle, Riddick has been captured by The Dark Athena, a mercenary ship hell-bent on eliminating him once and for all. Using his intense hand-to-hand combat skills, explosive firepower, and lethal stealth, Riddick must shut down the maniacal Captain Revas and her deadly crew. When Riddick steps into the darkness, no one is safe.

With Dark Athena, you get two complete games!

  • Brutal and Graphic Executions: Dozens of graphically gorgeous ways to perform brutal instant executions on unsuspecting enemies
  • Advanced Melee Combat Mechanics: Well-developed hand-to-hand combat system combines traditional melee attacks with blocks, parries, and savage counter-attacks
  • Intuitive Stealth System: An intuitive stealth system unique to the FPS genre adds a whole new dimension of strategy to traditional action and FPS game play

Escape from Butcher Bay game included - a new, upgraded version of the award-winning Xbox and PC title Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay has been visually re-mastered for next-gen systems, and has been included free, along with the stunning, new Dark Athena campaign!

Release Notes Version 1.1.0:

Note: Available for $3.99 during September.
Note: Now requires OS X 10.8 or later.

  • Fixes and optimisations with latest OS X releases