Dark Vengeance

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Embark on a 3D expedition into the immersive world of utter darkness.

Note: Dark Vengeance is no longer under development and the developer provides no support for it.

The world has been plunged in to darkness. Evil forces have conspired to cast a pall over the world with a sinister eclipse. You will release the lands from the grip of blackest night, or die trying. You are a savior...

...But no hero. This is personal. The forces of evil have wronged you and there can be only one response.


Dark Vengeance.

Embark on a 3D expedition into the black heart of a fully immersive world of utter darkness that provides a unique combination of combat, exploration and evolving character development. Play as one of three grim avengers who must forge their way through unspeakable horror. Each will influence the journey in uniquely twisted ways, making every game a totally new experience. Each will discover their own bloody destiny.

Release Notes
Special Notes PowerPC, System 7.6 or later