Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond-The Untold Story

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Puzzle game with an eerie atmosphere.

Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond-The Untold Story takes you back to the mystery of the Demon Hunters. Abandoned in the old ruins near the mansion, a little girl with red eyes was rescued by Professor Ashmore. No one knew where she was from, but it was clear from the start that she was different. Her hands held a rare, mysterious scroll. Later, Professor Ashmore discovered that the scroll was a powerful tool to battle a strong and ancient form of evil associated with The Ancient Order of Demon Hunters. Years later, Professor Ashmore died during an experiment into a portal to an unknown dimension. His researcher also vanishes. You must track down the killer and face your past as "The Girl with the Red Eyes." What were Professor Ashmore and his colleagues really working on? Was it indeed a murder, or something unknown--from beyond?


  • Win achievement awards including Eagle Eye, Brainiac, Weather Control, and more!
  • Discover challenging mini games, collectable items, puzzles and much more!
  • Includes Bonus Chapter: The Dream

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