0.9.11 for

The feature-rich, yet easy-to-use, Nintendo DS emulator.

DeSmuME allows you to emulate a Nintendo DS system. Think of it as a Swiss-Army knife for Nintendo DS emulation, giving you access to many powerful tools for testing DS features, from viewing ROM properties to managing Action Replay cheats. And best of all, this software is completely free and open-source.

Release Notes Version 0.9.11:
  • bug: fix large numbers of games not being able to save anymore
  • bug: fix some missing sound effects due to wrong volumes in some boot scenarios and other things
  • bug: fix freezes due to tiny looping sounds
  • bug: fix many big endian issues
  • bug: fix some apparently rarely-used CPU instructions, no known consequences
  • bug: fix (block) reading of some GPU registers
  • bug: fix action replay code type 0xE
  • bug: fix reading of last 4 bytes of rom
  • bug: large improvements to stability of GDB stub
  • bug: support w-buffer support in OpenGL renderers
  • bug: fix unpredictable crashes in some 3d scenes from w=0
  • enh: better loading of roms (bad patches) with wrong size info in header
  • enh: warn user sometimes when 'stream rom from disk' will create malfunctions
  • enh: add xBRZ filters
  • enh: add "TXT Hack" for software rasterizer to improve text rendering in some games
  • bug: 16-bit to 32-bit color space conversions no longer darken video or images
  • bug: fix intermittent issues with loading user defaults on app startup
  • bug: fix rendering inaccuracies of the video preview in the app display preferences
  • bug: fix various UI font rendering and text alignment issues on OS X Yosemite
  • bug: fix crackly sound from N-sync and Z-sync methods
  • enh: make N-sync method the default sound sync method since it has much lower latency than P-sync method
  • enh: add support for gdbstub (Tools > Show GDB Stub Control) (only available on custom builds using the dev+ build target)
  • enh: optimize input handling to use less CPU
  • enh: add support for App Nap when the app is in an idle state (only supported on OS X Mavericks and later)
  • enh: add Execution Control panel (Emulation > Show Execution Control), now with frame advance and frame jump controls
  • enh: auto frame skip is now smoother
  • enh: further improve execution timing accuracy
  • enh: improve overall video performance
  • enh: render video through a 3-stage filtering pipeline, (Video Source)-->(Pixel Scaler)-->(Video Output)
  • enh: add the following video source filters - Deposterize
  • enh: add the following video output filters - Bicubic B-Spline, Bicubic Mitchell-Netravali, Lanczos2, Lanczos3
  • enh: add ability to run all existing pixel scalers on either the CPU or the GPU
  • enh: add ability to toggle the main and touch display positions (View > Toggle All Displays)
  • enh: add preliminary support for replay playback and recording
  • enh: add support for turbo and autohold
  • enh: add support for the entire suite of slot-2 devices (Emulation > Show SLOT-2 Manager)
  • enh: add support for using the host machine's audio input device for emulating the NDS microphone (Emulation > Show Microphone Settings)
  • enh: change the sine wave tone generator's range from 100Hz-5000Hz to 40Hz-4000Hz
  • enh: reorganize the menu options to more logical locations
  • enh: greatly improve the File Migration Assistant (now renamed Game Data Migration Assistant) and ROM Info panel with a more modern and space efficient look and feel
  • enh: miscellaneous user interface improvements