Digg.com RSS Widget

3.1 for

Widget displays headlines from Digg.com.

The digg RSS Widget is a Dashboard widget that gets the latest headlines from digg.com every 15 minutes and displays them in a pleasant interface.

Features include:

  • you can search digg.com directly from the widget
  • the widget is collapsable
  • two different themes to choose from
  • ability to choose from all 7 containers and all 31 categories on digg.com
  • ability to view stories which are in the queue
  • ability to view stories dugg, submitted, on the front page, and commented on by a specific user

Release Notes Version 3.1:
  • full compliancy with Digg verson 3!
  • the default theme has been updated with a slightly fresher look
  • the old default theme is still accessible