3.0 for

Create your own 3D game (was dimension3).

Note: dim3 is no longer under development, and it is no longer available for sale.

dim3 (was dimension3) is a 3D action "game without content." This engine is aimed directly at mod makers and anybody interesting in creating their own 3D game. These people have done wonderful things with other engines, but they are extending an engine that was basically designed for a single game. Dim3 is the opposite ... an engine designed for all games!

The download includes Engine, Map Editor, Animator, Network Server, and Sample Demo Project.

Release Notes Version 3.0 (0022):
  • Got rid of ray tracing project setting
  • Some updates to auto-generator so it can handle squished shapes
  • Added a new "tight maze" auto-generator XML Engine
  • Split the engine into two separate products (opengl & ray-tracing)
  • Removed need for large icu DLLs in win32 build
  • Linux versions now have proper error message box
  • Ray-trace doesn't load unused shaders
  • Newest SDL2 integrated GUI
  • Esc, return, and arrow keys can now navigate menus
  • All chooser clickable items can now be associated with a key
  • Removed the old style "ok"/"cancel" key IDs, use the new key routines
  • All dialogs work with esc/return keys
Special Notes QuickTime 6.4 or later32 MB OpenGL Video Card or better