Doodle Cannon

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Cannon physics game; aim, charge and fire.

Doodle Cannon?Aim, charge, and fire! Use precise aiming and timing to launch cannonbombs at your foes. The monsters know a conflict is imminent, so they've prepared increasingly devious defenses to keep you at bay. You only have 5 cannonbombs for each stage so make them count. Discover the most effective attacks and earn medals for exemplary performance. Then take your medals to the bomb shop and trade them for special cannonbombs which will give you an edge with the trickiest of monsters. Find out if you have what it takes to destroy them all!
  • Intuitive controls for mouse or trackpad
  • Gold, Silver, and Bronze stage rankings
  • Upgrade your arsenal with new bomb types
  • 2 Player vs. mode
  • Autosave feature (every level)
Release Notes