Doodle Hangman Go

1.0.19 for

Animated hangman game (was Doodle Hangman Free).

Doodle Hangman Go (was Doodle Hangman Free) is a fun animated hangman game that you will want to play again and again. Also with 2 player mode so you can enter your own words and play with a friend!

  • 11 word categories plus random mode with advanced engine to avoid repeats
  • Both 1 player and 2 player modes
  • In 2 player mode one player enters a word for the other to guess
  • Play as long as you can, after each correct word a new scene and word appears
  • Helps increase both vocabulary and spelling ability
  • Fun and educational at the same
  • Auto-save when you close it or answer call during game play so you can continue where you left off

We hope you enjoy Doodle Hangman! The full Ultimate Hangman game has 3 times as many Doodle animations, 3 other themes, many, many more categories and 11 songs. If you like Doodle Hangman Free then you should consider buying our Ultimate Hangman game.

Release Notes Version 1.0.19:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.8 or later.

  • Updated the minimum OS version compatible