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3D exploration adventure game.

DOWN is an exploration game with action and adventure elements. You will find yourself on the longest journey to the world's core tied together by the three crimson pulsars. Here is what you will encounter on your journey:
  • 16 chapters.
  • 7 individual atmospheric regions.
  • 10 monster classes will cross your path. Some may aid you while others may try to slay you.
  • Fight for, find, buy, use and sell the following items:
    • Shooters: Allow you to blast your enemies.
    • Keys: Make barriers disappear.
    • Bodyswappers: Possess nearby creatures. Acquire their looks, energy and strength.
    • Matter Melters: Can unite several items into something even more powerful.
    • Messages: Provide hints about the chapter you're in.
    • Maps: View the surroundings through an eagle's eye.
Release Notes
Special Notes G3+, Mac OS 9.0 or later or Mac OS X, 3D accelerator card.*Previously available here