3.6.3 for

Drag and Drop enhancement utility.

Dropover is a utility that makes it easier to manage and move content between folders, applications, windows and workspaces using Drag and Drop. Shake your cursor and drop whatever you are dragging into the shelf. This shelf floats on top of all your other windows so you can navigate stress-free to your destination folder or program. It works with any draggable content; files, folders, text snippets and even images from a website

Here's what you can do with Dropover:
  • Activate it using a shake gesture, menubar or global shortcut
  • Create multiple shelves or append files to an existing shelf. Then move all files at once to your destination
  • Upload dragged files to iCloud or Dropbox and directly get a shareable link copied to your clipboard. All in one click, right from Dropover's shelf
  • Reveal dragged content in Finder or directly share it using Messages, Mail or Airdrop
  • Manage and list individual files along with information such as name and file size. Preview them using Quick Look, reveal them in Finder or quickly share them
  • Drag individual files to destination
  • Remove individual files if you've dragged them by accident
  • Clear and familiar user interface. Satisfying Drag and Drop experience

Note: While the software is classified as free, it offers in-App Purchases.

Dropover Pro $3.99

Release Notes Version 3.6.3:
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor would have a minor hiccup when entering the shelf while dragging content
  • Fixed an issue where the "Copy content to destination" preference was not respected when dragging items from the list view (popover)
  • Addressed an issue that caused the "Launch at Login" preference not to work properly
  • Minor other improvements