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Breakout brick breaking game.

DX-Ball is a brick-breaking game that has been earning fans since 1996for its simple yet addictive game play. Michael P. Welch originallydesigned it for his wife, so that she could finally play something onthe PC that was similar to her all-time favorite game, Megaball, on theAmiga computer. It was created as a labor of love, and unassuminglyreleased as a freeware game. Since then, DX-Ball has been a phenomenonthat defies explanation. Everyone in the family will enjoy DX-Ball,even people who don't play games. Try the game that has been invadingliving rooms, schools, and dorms for the past 6 years.
Release Notes Version 1.1 adds the following:
  • Added support for running the game at default system resolution
  • Fixed some bugs that have been exposed by the release of Jaguar OS X 10.2