easy Record and Trim

3.1.0 for

Record and trim audio.

easy Record and Trim is a great way to record and trim audio and is super-fast, accurate, and easy to use. You can also create projects that allow you to save your work at any time. Then ?export? your trimmed file edits without any quality loss at all!

This is because 'easy Record and Trim' knows about the internal format of MP3 and AAC audio files and makes all its edits without any audio quality loss or file corruptions. It doesn't need to decompress and re-compress audio in order to trim or make any edits or view the audio so it's lightning fast, even with large audio files.

As well as trimming existing files 'easy Record and Trim' includes a direct MP3 or AAC file recording function.

Other key features:

  • Multiple undo and redo
  • Fast, loads a 2 hour file in a couple of seconds
  • Works well with the Soundflower audio routing plugin
  • Optional upgrade to the 'Pro' version for the full suite of editing commands
  • Currently only unprotected AAC LC mono and stereo files are supported (the most popular AAC format)
Release Notes Version 3.1.0:

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

  • Added 'Convert ...' commands to the 'Pro' version that allows edited audio, including pitch and tempo changes, to be saved to audio files.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes.