Enigma Simulator

1.2.4 for

Simulates Enigma ciphering machine.

The Enigma is a ciphering device used primarily during World War II by Nazi Germany. The Enigma Simulator simulates that device as best as possible on a computer. To learn more about the history or theory behind the real Enigma machine, Wikipedia has an excellent article.

Release Notes Version 1.2.4:

Less than two weeks after version 1.2.3, I have decided to release the next version. Version 1.2.4 includes automatic updating (Updates by Sparkle) and the Steckerbrett wires hang off the bottom of the Steckerbrett window.

It took a bit of trickery to get the wires to hang off the window like that, but I?m really pleased with the effect.

Also, with the new automatic updating, Enigma Simulator will automatically check for updates each time it starts up and will notify you if it finds a new version and its new features. Then, you can download, install, and relaunch all right within the program. It?s very handy.