Escape from LaVille

1.1 for

Horror adventure game with a dark soundtrack.

Escape from LaVille will place you in the role of detective Forest Campbell, a member of the W.E.S.T. (Weird Enigma Special Team), to discover the mystery surrounding the LaVille district. Clue after clue will disclose the dark and intriguing history of this cursed district. Find items and clues to solve the intricate riddles, and collect all the articles in the local newspaper that will offer you great help and an important perspective for your investigation: the LaVille inhabitants' point-of-view.

  • Lots of puzzles to solve
  • Awesome locations to explore
  • Dozens of items to solve the riddles
  • Beautiful dark soundtrack to enrich your gaming experience
  • Outstanding graphics
  • Several newspaper articles to collect and read
  • Immersive storyline to keep you in the game
Release Notes Version 1.1:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.7 or later running on a 64-bit Intel processor

  • Bug fixes