EV Nova

1.1.1 for

Third (and only OS X version) game in the Escape Velocity series.

Note: EV Nova is no longer under development, and it is no longer available for download.

In EV Nova (the "three-quel" to Escape Velocity), the developers are working on a huge update to the game -- it's been rewritten so that the graphics engine is 16 bit, handles transparencies, hue tinting, thruster and laser "glowing", and a number of other really cool features. The graphics for the static scenes are all 32 bits of love, and there are QuickTime movies for many aspects of the game (don't worry, they augment the game, the developers aren't turning the game into an "interactive novel" or anything silly like that).
Release Notes Version 1.1.1:
  • Pilot files are saved atomically, Pilot-tmp file is created and moved in place after successful save
  • Fixed Register EV Nova menu item not working
  • Now Requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • Other bug fixes & enhancements