Fathers Day Sudoku

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Sudoku card game with theme twist.

Father's Day Sudoku is a relaxing version of the classic Sudoku game. Kids can play on the 2x2 grid and mom and dad can play on the 3x3 grid.

Fathers Day Sudoku uses a calming intuitive interface to make game play both relaxing and fun. It offers just the amount of help you need.

Using Fathers Day Sudoku you can: (1) Create your own custom tile images, (2) Generate Sudoku using 4 levels of difficulty, (3) Generate 2x2 and 3x3 Sudoku, (4) Get help solving a single tile, (5) Get help telling you how many tiles are correct and how many are incorrect, (6) Get help that colors the correct tiles blue and the incorrect tiles red, (7) Get help that completely solves the Sudoku

Fathers Day Sudoku also helps you to manage your time by: (1) Limiting the amount of time you can play each week, (2) Allowing you to configure a trusted friend that can give you more play time if you need it, (3) Help you play less Sudoku by having your trusted friend reduce the amount of play time each week.

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