Ferris Wheel Of Death

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Math game.

Ferris Wheel Of DeathBasically, you have a wheel, a projectile, and a cart. Get the projectile into the cart. For fun, you can change all of the settings for a more interesting simulation.OfficiallySuppose that a Ferris Wheel with radius of 50.0 feet and the center of the wheel 65.0 feet above the ground. The Ferris Wheel turns in a counterclockwise direction at a constant rate making one complete revolution every 40.0 seconds. There is a platform on the outside edge of the Ferris Wheel on which a mathematician is holding Richard Sisley. A cart is positioned 240.0 feet to the left of the base of the Ferris Wheel. The cart moves to the right along a track at a constant speed of 15.0 feet per second. The cart is 10.0 feet long, full of water, and the water level is 8.0 above the ground. When the cart starts moving, the platform is at the 3 o'clock position. The mathematician must release Mr. Sisley at the correct time so that the famous author lands in the cart full of water. Find the time at which the mathematician must release Richard Sisley so that he goes splash instead of splat.
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