First Gen Games

2.3 for

Remake of the classic space landing game.

First Gen Games (previously known as Lander) is the start of a collection of games I used to play as a kid. This updated release includes Lander, Asteroid, Breakout and now Missile Command. I've tried to keep them true to their original gameplay, with just a few artistic modificatons.

Lander is an old style spaceship landing simulator. Keyboard arrow controls are used to rotate and apply thrust so that a safe landing on the pad can be achieved.

Asteroid is the great classic action game. Destroy those rocks but watch out for their pieces when they explode!

Breakout's goal is to keep the ball bouncing up until you've destroyed all the blocks. So far only three basic block maps are implemented, but more are on the way!

Release Notes Version 2.3:
  • New Missile Command!
  • Improved rendering speed!