Flick Flag M

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Puzzle game with world flags.

Flick Flag M?Play this exciting and addictive flag finding game Flick Flag! Once you POP, you CAN'T STOP!

Detective Flick is having a bit of trouble searching for his flags collection, would you give him a hand?

How many flags of the world do you recognize? How fast can you pop flag buttons off the screen?

For each level, you have a minute to find the flags displayed and you have to find them as quickly as possible in order to clear to the next level.

You are going to see flags of countries that you have never even heard of before.

Compete with friends and other players around the world!


  • Fully supports the high resolution retina display. This game looks DAZZLING on it.
  • 230 flags to discover in 30 levels
  • Addictive game play, really.
  • Game saves automatically when the app quits.
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