Free Puzzle Collection

2010.08.11 for

A collection of configurable jigsaw and tile puzzle games.

Note: Free Puzzle Collection is no longer under development, and it is no longer available for sale.

Virtual Toybox Puzzle Games is a collection of configurable jigsaw and tile puzzle games. Newly updated with stunning nature photos, you will find hours of entertainment in these puzzles.
  • The Jigsaw puzzle features hexagonal as well as square tile shapes, and with randomly generated non-uniform pieces, no two plays will ever be the same.
  • In the spinning tile game, the hex shaped tiles must be spun three at a time to unscramble the picture. Though the concept is deceptively simple, this puzzle is very difficult to solve.
  • Also included is the well-known sliding tile game.
  • As with all Virtual Toybox software, the puzzle games collection will run on any system (Mac, Linux, or Windows) with a current Java installation.
Release Notes Version 2010.08.11:
  • A new collection of spectacular nature photos, or the option to choose your own image.
  • Game configuration options are in a dialog to free up puzzle space.
  • Image preview.
  • Images are scaled to fit on your screen. (No more scrolling for lower resolution computers)
  • Option to select background color.
  • (Jigsaw) Multiple selection for organizing pieces.
  • (Jigsaw) Multiple layers (play areas) for more space.
Special Notes Java 1.6