Full Deck Solitaire

1.86 for

22 solitaire games.

Full Deck Solitaire is a set of 22 different solitaire card games. View detailed statistics, customize the game background, and receive tips from a unique hint system.

Note: While the software is classified as free, it offers in-App Purchases.

Game Pack One $4.99
Game Pack Two $4.99
Game Pack One and Two $7.99
pile of 100 spins $0.99
stack of 5,000 chips $0.99
stack of 20,000 chips $2.99
stack of 10,000 chips $1.99
Replenish AIs in Hold'Em $0.99
Unlock Challenges $0.99

Release Notes Version 1.86:

Note: this update is REQUIRED to continue to receive challenge games as our hosting server is changing 11/1

  • Freecell automove fixed
  • Hint colors changed slightly to ISO red/orange/green traffic light colors, better for color blind players
  • Old longer animations added as an option (you can select to use this from the options menu at the top of the screen)
  • New four color easy read cards added (you can select these from the customize menu)
  • Cards played to foundations play away from the dealing deck (much easier for games like forty thieves)