0.3.2 for

Modify/hack Gamecube games.

GCMTools are a suite of tools to basically rip apart your gamecube gamesand put them back together however you wish. Its aim is to give you access toeverything so you can modify and hack your games to your wildest dreams.Currently, there are 5 executables that are part of this package: gcmtool- for auditing, extracting and editing Nintendo GameCube DVD images (.iso or .gcm). gcmdiskheadertool- once you've extracted the disk header, this tool lets you modify it. gcmdiskheaderinfotool- for modifying the diskheaderinfo gcmapploadertool- currently only allows you to view info about the apploader when there is a better understanding of the apploader, I'll give access to editing features. For now, you have to use a hex editor. gcmbnrtool- allows modification of the opening.bnr file found in all gamecube games. This tool allows you to extract the icon file of a game either as a photoshop .raw or a .ppm for conversion to other formats. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble getting the ppm import working, so you'll have to use a hex editor to delete the ppm header if you want to re-inject an icon.WHEN MODIFYING YOUR GCM, ALWAYS WORK ON A BACKUP COPY!Thanks to gc-linux.org's YAGCD for all of the information it contained. I wouldn't have been able to do this project without it.Also Mr. Spiv for porting doltool to OSX so I could check my work in my own code against something.Better documentation is available online on the webstie at the top of thisdocument.
Release Notes Version 0.3.2:
  • [all] fixed a bug where the file would be opened as read/write even if we were only going to be reading (which would lead to permission denied errors on read-only files)
  • [all] improved hexadecimal value output
  • [all] for all unsigned 32-bit int commandline input, if you precede the value with "0x" the value will be interpreted as hex. (ie 0x0100 for 256)
  • [gcmbnrtool] fixed a bug where a bnr was incorrectly always identified as being v2 when deciding how to read the info.
  • [gcmtool] added a way to replace files. Greatly helps if you just want to modify one file, and not the whole system.