GiantCrayon Hangman

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New twist on an old classic.

GiantCrayon Hangman... The chalkboard word game from your childhood comes to the Mac!

GiantCrayon Hangman is a completely animated hangman game with the look and feel of a real chalkboard.

The letters and the drawing appear as hand-written, even with the appropriate chalk sound. There are 2 alternative animations available (if you don't like the traditional "hangman" graphic), and you can even draw your own.

Play against a huge wordlist (over 24,000 entries) or make your own custom wordlists! (Additional wordlists and other languages are also available - click here to view our wordlist store.)

Type your letters in or say them using the Mac OS X speech recognition and the ICAO-alphabet (Alpha, Beta, Charlie, etc.).

You can even create your own wordlists.

Release Notes Initial release