Giants: Citizen Kabuto X

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Strategic 3D island conquering game.

Before there was Man; before there was Earth; before there was PLANET MOON; there was the Island: a massive fragment of shattered planet hurtling through space. This was not just a dead piece of rock, even from a distance its radiant colors and surrounding waterfalls distinguish it as an anomaly amidst the dark void of space. Around it, decayed and splintered asteroids linger, like watchful ghosts, jealous of a true beauty they will never have.

Upon the surface of this paradise wanders the giant, Kabuto. He knows that this is his home, but he does not feel that he belongs. From whence he came, he does not know, only the serial number "001" imprinted on his stomach offers any clue. The only one of his kind, Kabuto sits alone and longs for company. Ever creature he has encountered was ... different. Whether they came from the skies or from the seas, they tried to destroy him. Now, Kabuto trusts no one, and guards the only thing that he loves - the Island, his home.

In the surrounding seas there are a band of survivors called the Sea Reapers. These women once ruled the island with strong will and harsh law. In their pride, they created Kabuto, as a defense against intruders. But Kabuto became conscious of himself, his loneliness, his pain - and he went berserk. The Sea Reapers' creation turned on them, decimating their numbers and driving them into the seas. In time, a wicked new leader arose to lead the survivors: Sappho, the Sea Reaper Queen. Delphi, her daughter, is the youngest and most innocent of the group. She doesn't always agree with the other Reapers' evil practices, but isn't aware of any alternative.. if only she could speak with someone from the universe outside of the the Island ...

Perhaps five cockeny space aliens on holiday aren't the outsiders Delphi had in mind, but what can you do, eh? Baz, Tel, Reg, Gordon, and Bennett (otherwise known as the Meccs) leave their home planet for their annual "lads holiday" at the one and only Planet Majorca. Almost immediately, they are attacked and swallowed by the notorious Giant "Gibbon" Fish. Having given up their holiday for the ignominious distinction of been digested for two months, this five-some is finally "discharged" in their battered ship within limping reach of the Island, where they stop for repairs. Traveling in packs using military formations they possess enough technological might to devastate this New World. However, for the time being they need to live on it, so just clearing out the current residents will do.

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