GL Tron X

0.70 for

3D lightcycle arcade game inspired by the movie, Tron.

GL Tron is a 3-D lightcycle game inspired by the film Tron (or rather, all the games inspired by the film Tron). GL Tron features high-quality OpenGL full-screen graphics, cinematic camera angles, sound fx, and fast action with up to 4 players on the same machine.
Release Notes Version 0.70:
  • Turbo (already present in the previously only for win32 released 0.70 alpha-1). Press and hold down the turbo key (default 'e') to accelerate for a limited amount of time (your turbo recharges when you release the key). The engine noise should give you a clue how fast you're going.
  • Wall acceleration - if you're near an enemy wall, your cycle speeds up. Useful for overtaking and boxing in an enemy player. But watch out, they might try to cut you off while you're closing in. This feature isn't enabled by default, but you can change that in the Game -> Game Rules -> Game Type menu.